More than a quarter of British birds are now on a "red list" of threatened species. Here at Lokdale we have a great admiration for the oft-overlooked traditional birds of England, and though time marches on, we don't want to see them wiped out.

Many of our timepieces pay tribute to these beautiful animals through colour and name scheming, and as part of a future collaboration with the biggest bird and nature conservationist in the country, we donate 5% of the proceeds of each sale to help make a difference.

You will receive a small gift and information pack detailing the corresponding bird with your timepiece to raise awareness.

Our selected watches will feature in the RSPB online shop – with a percentage of the profits going towards the charity. Each watch we offer is named after a species of bird, this displays our passion towards the animals and how our company hopes to help save and nurture these creatures.

Buy your watch today to contribute to the conservation of British nature and our environment.

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