Brand Review: Lokdale Watches

After noticing Lokdale Watches on Instagram I was instantly taken back by this unique British brand and their sheer dedication to providing customers with an affordable luxury timepiece. I was lucky enough to win a competition hosted by Lokdale themselves and was sent the gorgeous ‘Midnight Raven’ watch which has easily became one of my favourites in my ever-growing collection! In this post I’ll be reviewing this watch, as well as telling you some more about what this amazing brand has done to make a difference to the endangered birds we have here in Britain. I hope you enjoy the post, and are inspired by the designs and features this brand has to offer all of its customers and supporters.


The Midnight Raven

The simplicity and elegance of this watch means that you can wear it with almost anything, even with the striking blue face it manages to look good with any attire! The incredibly thin face sits flush on the wrist and oozes sophistication whilst being hosted by the almost weightless black stainless steel mesh strap and casing, but make no mistake, this watch is a real eye catcher! The silver hands and detailing emphasises the blue face even more, drawing you subtly to the middle of the face which shows off the elegant silver ‘Lokdale’ logo. Another thing I really like about this watch is the ability to swap and change the strap with the least amount of effort! With every watch, Lokdale sends out a unique tool to remove their straps, meaning you could change the style of this watch every day if you wanted too. Whether its a mesh or leather strap you prefer, Lokdale offers both in extremely high quality and in beautiful colours too! The mesh straps are light but secure, and are made from stainless steel, and the leather straps are genuine leather, so you know you’re getting a quality and reliable product.

The feel of this watch on the wrist is amazingly light and agile; So if a big, bulky watch isn’t for you then this brand is definitely what you’ve been looking for! As I previously mentioned, Lokdale only use the best materials to make their watches and this is very apparent just by looking at the watch. The incredibly tough, hardened crystal mineral glass lens gives off that beautiful sparkle when any light catches the large 40mm face, but manages to remain very elegant at the same time. This makes it perfect for any occasion; whether that be going to a black tie event, or just having a night out on the town! With the peace of mind that the face isn’t going to scratch or crack easily, you can let your hair down that little bit more! The metal clasps are very hard wearing and secure too, as well as easily adjustable with no sign of movement or looseness; So much in fact that Lokdale offer a 2 year warranty with any watch, which in my opinion makes this brand even more appealing. The amazing features don’t stop there however, this watch also boasts a 50m water resistance too, meaning this bird can swim as well as fly!


If you’re looking for a simple design with a lot of charisma, Lokdale Watches are for you. The amount of different styles and designs are mind-boggling, check them out for yourself at! A few of my favourites are The Rook, The Avocet VB and The Gold Crest MB.

The Rook

The Avocet VB

The Gold Crest MB

This amazing brand has brought together so many simplistic and intricate designs that no matter what style you are after, Lokdale has it! Making the brand so versatile means that almost anyone can look great in these watches, which in my opinion stands out against a lot of other new brands. The thing that really made Lokdale stand out for me, and the main reason this brand is one of my favourite British brands is that they have designed many of their timepieces to pay tribute to the beautiful endangered birds of Britain! As part of a future collaboration with one of the biggest bird conservationists in the country, Lokdale intend to donate a portion of their proceeds of each sale to make a huge difference in the long run; Something that is easily overlooked in this day and age! If that wasn’t enough to draw you into this brand, then I’m sure the incredible dedication to making all of their watches affordable will! Lokdale pride themselves in providing an excellent customer service, and they achieve this by an absolute country mile by having a motivated and professional customer service team there to answer any queries in a timely manner.


Check out the brand for yourself at and follow them on Instagram and Facebook (@lokdale) to make your wrist look great for an even greater price! Also look out for the advertisement on the big screen every match day at Birmingham City FC’s stadium, St Andrew’s!

Thanks for reading and I hope Lokdale also becomes one of your favourite affordable British watch brands! Feel free to leave a comment below and tell me your favourite designs, and follow me on Instagram (@ryandearlove).

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