The iconic Avocet spearheads the campaign to conserve endangered birds, chiefly because it actually went extinct in Britain already!

Land reclamation of their habitat coupled with persecution by skin and egg collectors saw them vanish from the isles until shortly after World War II on reclaimed land that had been turned into salt marshes to impede invading forces.

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•Scientific name: Recurvirostra avosetta

•UK Conservation status: Amber

The Avocet is a distinctively-patterned black and white wader with a long up-curved beak. This Schedule 1 species is the emblem of the RSPB and symbolises the bird protection movement in the UK more than any other species.

Its return in the 1940s and subsequent increase in numbers represents one of the most successful conservation and protection projects.

•Length: 42-45cm •Wingspan: 77-80cm •Weight: 260-290g

•UK breeding: 1,500 pairs •UK wintering: 7,500 birds