Lokdale Ltd is proud to announce our first major collaboration with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. Our two companies, British, born and bred, share a concern for the environment as well as for quality.



More than a quarter of British birds are now on a "red list" of threatened species. Here at Lokdale we have a great admiration for the oft-overlooked traditional birds of England, and though time marches on, we don't want to see them wiped out.

Many of our quality timepieces pay tribute to these beautiful animals through colour and name scheming, and as part of a collaboration with the RSPB we intend to donate a 5% of the proceeds of each sale to help save them.

You will receive a small information pack detailing the corresponding bird and timepiece with every purchase.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is a charitable organisation registered in England, Wales and Scotland and Northern Ireland. It was founded as the Plumage League in 1889 by Emily Williamson. It works to promote conservation and protection of birds and the wider environment.

The RSPB has more than a million members (including 195,000 youth members), making it the largest wildlife conservation charity in Europe. The RSPB has many local groups and maintains 200 nature reserves.

The RSPB was formed to counter the barbarous trade in plumes for women's hats, a fashion responsible for the destruction of many thousands of egrets, birds of paradise and other species whose plumes had become fashionable in the late Victorian era.

The organisation started life as the Society for the Protection of Birds (SPB), founded by Emily Williamson at her home in Manchester in 1889. The group quickly gained popularity and in 1891 it merged with the Fur, Fin and Feather Folk, to form a larger and stronger SPB, based in London.

In its earliest days, the society consisted entirely of women and membership cost two pence. The rules of the society were:

  • That members shall discourage the wanton destruction of birds and interest themselves generally in their protection 
  • That lady-members shall refrain from wearing the feathers of any bird not killed for purposes of food, the ostrich only excepted.

Read more at https://www.rspb.org.uk/about-the-rspb/about-us/our-history/#sK2FTIWQ1S70l0rY.99

The RSPB maintains over 200 reserves throughout the United Kingdom, covering a wide range of habitats, from estuaries and mudflats to forests and urban habitatsThe reserves often have bird hides provided for birdwatchers and many provide visitor centres, which include information about the wildlife that can be seen there. 

Read more at https://www.rspb.org.uk/join-and-donate/#UqiD5fv7LXOG7MlV.99

Shop Online at the RSPB Shop during Spring/Summer 2019, where you will see selected lines on sale.

Visit https://shopping.rspb.org.uk

When you join or donate to the RSPB, you’re standing up for nature. Your support and generosity, whatever form it takes, helps us push forward with their valuable work. Nature would be in a far worse place without you.