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Welcome to Lokdale. Each one of our watches has been uniquely designed and hand-crafted to the finest quality materials to bring you the best possible experience. Nestled within the heart of England, we are dedicated to you for an amazing customer experience, and are always here to help you along your journey in finding the best watch for you. Lokdale is an online watch shop which offers timepieces for Men and Women.

Our mission is to offer a unique collection of beautifully unique affordable watches for both men and women that are simple and wearable but keeping a standard of sophistication and luxury. What we offer includes gold watches, silvers watches, black watches with simplistic design yet sleek and classy design. Our online watch shop names all of its watches after birds, our best-selling men’s designer watch is a gold watch which is named after the goldcrest. 

From the beginning we have been focused on contemporary details and every successive range encompasses all of the fundamental features that make our watches current, yet classic. A stylish accessory to compliment any outfit. Whether it be a black-tie event or just a casual day, our watch shop offers men’s watches, ladies watches and kids watches to match any occasion and will always have something for you to admire and appreciate for years.


Follow the evolution of Lokdale and be dazzled and awed by our unique creations throughout the years to come. With a sleek British design philosophy, timeless style and innovative ideas, be prepared for a breathtaking adventure. Subscribe now to receive all of the latest discounts an offers from our watch shop.



More than a quarter of British birds are now on a "red list" of threatened species. Here at Lokdale we have a great admiration for the oft-overlooked traditional birds of England, and though time marches on, we don't want to see them wiped out.

Many of our Men’s watches and Women’s watches pay tribute to these beautiful animals through colour and name scheming, and as part of a future collaboration with the biggest bird conservationist in the country, we intend to donate a portion of the proceeds of each sale to help make a difference.

Additionally, in the near future you will receive a small gift and information pack detailing the corresponding bird with your watch to raise awareness. 


Lokdale is an online watch shop which offers sleek and comfortable Men’s watches, Women’s watches and Kids Watches which are suitable for daily use as well as for formal events. Our biggest sellers are our Goldcrest ( gold watch ) and the Rook ( Black Matte Chronograph watch ) which can be found in the Mens and Ladies watches section. They are sleek and elegant in design which has proven to be extremely popular.


We strive to provide all our customers with the best possible experience; all questions and queries are dealt with in a timely, friendly and professional manner. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We Donate 5% Gross Profit to the RSPB