• LOKDALE has its origins with a London-based creative with a vision to make something more than just another watch company; with his love for nature and experience in a range of industries from art, fashion and retail, LOKDALE strives to become a brand successfully combining great ethics with unrivalled unique style and innovation.

  • The word ‘LOKDALE’ was derived from two words: the word “dale" refers to an open river valley and “lok” (loch) a lake; a bay or an arm of the sea. The names combined symbolises our bond with the natural world; focus and journey that is straight and unflinching towards our goal for raising awareness and working towards making a difference.

  • Espousing core British values and a sense of traditionalism, LOKDALE offers high-quality timepieces without the luxury price tag. Designed in England, LOKDALE brings to you both a contemporary blend of classic style and modern utility. Working in partnership with experienced watch manufacturers, we use some of the best materials to create subtle yet distinctive timepieces available today at an affordable price.
  • The feel of our watches on the wrist are light and agile; if a big, bulky watch is not for you then LOKDALE is definitely what you need. LOKDALE only uses the best materials to make our timepieces and this is very apparent just by looking at them: 316L Stainless Steel; the incredibly tough, sapphire-coated and hardened crystal mineral glass lens gives off that beautiful sparkle when any light catches the large 40/41mm face, but retains its elegance at the same time. This makes LOKDALE timepieces perfect for any occasion - formal or casual. The metal clasps are very hard wearing and secure, easily adjustable with no sign of movement or looseness - so much so, in fact, that Lokdale offer a 2 year warranty. Our amazing features don’t stop there - our “Dark Skies” Collection boasts a 50m water resistance meaning the birds can swim as well as fly!

  • As we appreciate nature and all that it provides for us, we have been very fortunate to collaborate with the largest Nature/Bird Conservationist in Europe. The RSPB otherwise known as Royal Society for the Protection of Birds to help raise awareness with our stylish fashion and watch enthusiasts. 
  • As more than a quarter of British birds are now on a "red list" of threatened species. Here at Lokdale we have a great admiration for the oft-overlooked traditional birds of England, and though time marches on, we don't want to see them wiped out. One of our future projects will be to introduce a “Red List Collection” where We will select a group of endangered birds to represent our new collection. That and many other Projects along the way will see us into the future as a uniquely ethical and environmentally friendly watch and accessories brand.
  • Many of our timepieces pay tribute to these beautiful animals through colour and name scheming, and as part of a collaboration with the RSPB we donate 5% of the proceeds of each sale to help make a difference and help their cause.
  • Additionally you will receive a small information card detailing the corresponding bird with every purchase. Comes with a detailed manual and mesh strap tool to adjust the buckle as you wish.

  • We wanted to represent the feeling of connection, awareness yet elegance and comfort that a Lokdale watch provides i.e. A stylish accessory to compliment any outfit. Whether it be a black-tie event or just a casual day, our timepieces will always have something for you to admire and appreciate for years.

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